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Quick Look: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

2021-10-25 07:48 Quick Looks

We've assembled some rascals to talk about Marvel's favorite group of space rascals!

Quick Look: The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

2021-10-21 14:12 Quick Looks

OOO RAH! We've got choices, spears, and ROMANCE in another entry into the Dark Pictures Anthology.

The Very Online Show 09: Guy on the Couch Guy

2021-10-21 43:09

Couch Guy is the latest example of the pitfalls of websleuthing, an internet phenomenon that has been plaguing social media for years. So why are we like this?

Party of One: Let's Boardwipe With Some Magic: Arena

2021-10-21 57:23

A 2021 Magic stream without Izzet Turns or Esika's Chariot? What an accomplishment!

Quick Look: Nuclear Blaze

2021-10-20 25:09 Quick Looks

Jan and Jess are here to fight fires and save cats!

Giant Bombcast 708: wallbabies

2021-10-19 48:50 Giant Bombcast

Nothing like existential dread to start of the Bombcast! We got a bit more Metroid Dread talk, Inscryption, NHL 22, Animal Crossing updates, League of Legends bans, and some Xbox whoopsies!

Party of One: Let's Play Some Final Fantasy XIV

2021-10-19 50:44

Thanks to Aurahack, Silver-Streak, and Ian Kelly for joining me for this! Hope you like cutscenes!

Quick Look: Inscryption

2021-10-19 49:15 Quick Looks

We've got a full house for this card(?) game! Thank god for the emergency squirrels.

Ranking of Evil 02

2021-10-18 47:46 Features

Evil Uno is back this week with Jan to rank more EVIL!

Quick Look: NHL 22

2021-10-15 59:25 Quick Looks

Jeff Bakalar has cycled the puck, ripped some clappies from the hashies to go bar-down on the the latest iteration of EA's NHL series.